So why am I writing this? Why am I raving about one word out of place?

Because it hurts, dear reader.

It hurts me to have my children’s abilities go so unrecognised in an institution that is supposed to bring out the best in every child. It hurts me that the children are punished for knowing more than the teacher and that they are forced to adopt the teacher’s incorrect mode of English, simply because one is the teacher and the other is the child.

And, believe me, I’ve tried to swallow/accept/get my children to politely query the worst of the misjudgements and have come to the conclusion that a teacher will not cede superiority in any respect on any terms.

They are infallible, they are unteachable and (given that they work in the field of teaching and learning) they are unprofessional.

Learners (children) have no voice in the German classroom and when the parents try to intervene on their behalf it’s a bit like what Gary Linneker said about the English against the Germans at football. In the end the teachers win.


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